Fujairah Trip

August 20, 2008

Two days ago, Ross, Eena and myself took a very relaxing and well deserved recharge trip to Fujairah. Fujairah is one of UAE’s seven emirates and is known for its rocky mountains and rich seas. It is also home to UAE’s oldest natural forts. The ruling family of Fujairah is the Al Sharqi Family with Sheikh Hamad bin Muhammad holding absolute power.

Fujairah’s natural territories are somewhat confusing because one can find sub-territories of the emirates of Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah within its jurisdictions. Even the country of Oman has a city within Fujairah. Now that’s a little screwed up, isn’t it?

Since the weather in Fujairah is way cooler than the other emirates, we decided to take our little vacation there.

We stayed in the Rotana Al Aqah Beach and it was a marvelous resort! The 2+ hours drive from Dubai was definitely well worth it. Along the road going to the hotel were rocky mountains which provides for a scenic trip. The hotel itself was great and the staff were all nice. Although I could still say that Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai is the best place to be.

We went into action straightaway upon arrival by kayaking into the vast Indian Ocean. The ocean was pretty calm so we had a great time paddling and checking out the whole scenery. Word of caution, the currents can be very unpredictable , so it would a smart idea to always check the weather forecast and speak to the boathouse people. It was pouring in neighboring Oman when we did our open sea kayaking and we were kinda lucky the seas didn’t get rough.

Determined not to get the downpour in the mountains get into the way of our snorkling, we headed out to an isolated island off the coast to explore the underwater life of Fujairah. The sky was a little overcast and the sea was a little choppy on that day. But for us, that did not seem to matter.

The water was a bit murky because of the rain on the highlands, but I think these shots are still fairly decent.

We spent the afternoon of the second day exploring the city of Fujairah. We stopped by the museum, which was empty save for one ticket guy. The exhibits were very disorderly and were poorly labeled. I even thought that one fire extinguisher was an exhibit item. Considering how small a place Fujairah is, I wouldn’t wonder why people don’t bother visiting their museum.

Dinner was at Pizza Hut. Not the most original idea for a dinner in Fujairah, but Ross and Eena were so hungry and insisted. Funny part of the story was Pizza Hut was about a only couple hundred meters from where we stood, yet the cab driver did not know where it was!!! The hilarious thing about it was the look on the poor guy’s face when Eena and Ross instructed him to drive us to Pizza Hut and he did not know what to do! Not until Ross mentioned KFC did he realize where he was supposed to take us (KFC was just right beside Pizza Hut).

When we got back to the hotel, we lounged by the pool until late. I had a pint of Becks, Ross a breezer and Eena a Stella Artois. The weather cooperated the whole day. At around midnight, when the ladies went up to their rooms, I hit the sauna for some serious sweating (which was what I needed) before going to my room for a very nice shower and some leftover pizza from Pizza Hut.