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March 24, 2008

Here are a couple of pictures I took during my visit to Ilocos, Philippines. Some of them were taken in Vigan, Ilocos Sur where the heritage site is, but most of them were taken in Bangui, Ilocos Norte.

Bangui is such a great windy place. The people may be grumpy at first, but it takes a whole lot of effort to get them to lighten up to strangers. The perfect time for photography in this place would be very early in the morning or late in the afternoon as these are the times when the town would spring to life. As you take an afternoon stroll in the town plaza, you could see street hawkers vending all sorts of goodies like grilled corn; or the strange barbecued chicken head, awkwardly called the helmet (it was appetizing at first until the eye popped inside my mouth); frozen ice cream (as if the is such a thing like a molten ice cream – or is there?); the famous Ilocano empanada and a lot more. Morning photography is best taken on the beach with most of the townsfolk up and helping each other harvesting what meager bounty the sea could offer them (the effect of the sunrise on the people pulling in the fishnet set against a backdrop of the Bangui Bay windmills is just so dramatic). Seafood is not a very easy option if you wish to have delectable dining in Bangui as the sea is very rough most of the year. The best alternative is vegetable products. Ilocanos eat all kinds of vegetables and they have got the best recipes for anything that grows out of the earth.

I hope you enjoy them.

n535723797_351035_7596.jpgn535723797_351030_5906.jpgn535723797_351010_3287.jpgnurs-camera-201-copy.jpgnurs-camera-628-copy.jpgVIGAN 2008BanguiPaoay Churchn535723797_352181_6509.jpgn535723797_351031_6233.jpgn535723797_352197_5264.jpgn535723797_352187_4894.jpgn535723797_351009_2964.jpgn535723797_352188_5346.jpgnurs-camera-131-copy.jpgnurs-camera-889-copy.jpgnurs-camera-731-copy.jpgnurs-camera-695-copy.jpgn535723797_351015_4931.jpgn535723797_352190_6137.jpgnurs-camera-348-copy.jpgn535723797_351033_6907.jpgnurs-camera-781-copy.jpgn535723797_351034_7248.jpgnurs-camera-515-copy.jpgn535723797_352191_6705.jpgn535723797_351029_5534.jpg


6 Responses to “More Photos”

  1. Priscilla said

    Nice Work and very interesting pictures with details(Good photography). This is for a LIFE TIME to be remembered.

    Keep me posted

    Thank you

    Priscilla ;0)

  2. agentorange8 said

    Thanks for the support Pris.

    I will definitely post more photos here. Watch out for them.

  3. Jenny said

    Hi Nur, love the photos. Especially the people ones (2,11,14,15,18,21,23,25)

  4. agentorange8 said

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks. I’ll make sure I’ll give you copies of them…

    be on the lookout for more photos…

  5. Pam said

    Hi Nur,

    Got here thru facebook. Really nice photos. 🙂 Keep up!

  6. agentorange8 said

    Thanks Pam!

    I visited your site also and I’m happy that you Brebeuf guys are still a tight bunch!


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